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Middle Eastern Lemonade

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The special ingredient in this refreshing drink is orange flower water (sometimes called orange blossom water). This distilled essence of orange blossom can be purchased in most well-stocked specialty grocery stores. Most orange blossom water comes from the south of France and from the Levant.

For an adult twist, serve with vodka or gin.


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Watermelon & Grape Salad

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The heat of summer is here and there is no better to cool down than to enjoy the bounty from your garden or local farmer’s market.   All foods contain energetic properties (a post-metabolic phenomenon) that create a response in the body.  Foods that abound in the summer and grow in this region are excellent at cooling and protecting you from over-heating.  It is also a season when our bodies can usually handle a little more raw or cooling foods.

 Watermelon & Grape Salad – – watermelon (about 10 lbs), organic grapes (rinsed and halved), mint (chiffonade), salty crumbly cheese (feta or blue cheese works well), zest of lime, lime juice, Toss all ingredients, except cheese, together. Garnish with cheese of your choice before serving.

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