Helping Children Grow & Thrive–Chinese Medicine for Children

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April Crowell, Dipl. ABT (NCCAOM), AOBTA CI & CP

I am often asked if Chinese medicine and Amma Therapy can be used to treat children.  The answer is–yes, of course and very effectively.  But don’t limit Chinese medicine to just treatment of acute and chronic illness.  The core principles of Chinese medicine and nutrition are actually about creating and maintaining wellness through all life stages, however it is most important during growing and transitional years of childhood.

As a practitioner and teacher of Chinese medicine and Holistic Nutrition I wasn’t overly surprised when my daughter, Clara (then 13) walked into the kitchen one day with tears streaming down her face.

“What’s up?” I tried not to chuckle (a typical fire element response–laughing inappropriately to the situation).

“I don’t know! I just burst into tears,” she sobbed, half angry and half wanting to laugh.

After a bit of inquiry and we had eliminated that there wasn’t an emergency.  She wasn’t physically hurt, she hadn’t been in a fight, she’d burst into tears for no apparent reason.  Actually, there was a reason–Liver Qi stagnation.  During the teen years the Liver’s role of Free and Easy Flow of Qi and Blood becomes very active, coinciding with the changing hormones in teens.  But it doesn’t necessarily move gracefully, often it stagnates and causes problems like wild mood swings, PMS, irritability, and anger outbursts.  Observation of her tongue and pulse confirmed the assessment, I gave Clara a quick reminder of what Liver Qi stagnation is, gave her a little apple cider vinegar (sour moves Liver quickly) and we found some good humor in the silliness of the emotional roller coaster.

Now don’t jump […]