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The Year of The Earth Dog

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April Crowell, Dipl. ABT (NCCAOM), AOBTA Certified Instructor & Practitioner


We love our dogos and puppers and it’s their year.  Friday, February 16th is the second new moon following the winter solstice.  For Asian cultures this is the New Year and the start of the spring festivals and planting season.  This year the Fire Rooster will surrender to the loyal and loving Earth Dog–our most favorite of pets.

Each year of the Asian (Chinese) calendar corresponds to one of the 12 animals (rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and the pig).  Besides the animal, we also cycle through each of the 5 elements (fire, earth, metal,water and wood) to create a full 60 year cycle.  By the time you cycle back to the animal year and element that you were born in you will be 60–so, don’t hold your breath.  Each animal carries its own unique personality and disposition, couple that with the elemental energies and can get an idea of the nature of the how the year may play out.

The nature of the Dog:

Our most beloved friends, dogs are loyal and happy to please their friends and family. They do not care what your wealth or health is like–they believe everyone deserves love. They are considered one of the most auspicious animals in the zodiac and are welcomed into homes to bring prosperity, safety and support.   Those born in the dog years are loyal, responsible and caring and bring energy and vitality to other’s lives. However, they may be overly sensitive, stubborn and emotional–those puppy eyes.

Each element influences the dog’s overall nature. This year, the Earth element adds extra dimensions of tenacity or persistence, precise attention and good wealth.

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Nate’s Spring Special

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Give your system the support it needs this spring with regular Amma Therapy, gua sha, fire cupping, or food energetics and nutritional guidance for your specific needs and goals.

Here’s a deal to help get you back on track:

4 Amma Therapy treatments for the price of 3!    

That’s 4 sessions with Nate for $195.  

Buy now before May 15th and use your appointments when you like.  Use one a month, use two in a week–it’s up to you. Share them with your family member.

Limit 2 packages per client.

Book appointments online here.

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Pulse’s First Tuesday Talks

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Join our FREE talks 12:15-1pm every first Tuesday of the month.  

Bring your snack or lunch and find out what we have to offer.

Here’s what’s coming up!

December 1st–A Warm Winter

Arthritis? Winter aches and pains?  This talk will be devoted to looking at some common patterns of aches and pains that become worse in the cold, windy and damp weather, how you identify your patterns nature and what simple remedies you can use to ease up the aches and pains of winter.  April Crowell

January 5th–A Joyous January

Some people love the New Year, other may find themselves battling off guilt and depression.  Using 5 Element and other Chinese Medicine theories we will look at the nature and energetics around the beginning of the New Year.  We will look at ways that you can recognize your possible patterns of disharmony and how you identify and embrace the blessings the season has to offer. –April Crowell

February 3rd–TBA

Let us know if you plan on joining–so we make sure to have enough handouts available!

Talks are held at Pulse Holistic Health

725 N. 15th, Boise, Id 83702  208.955.8272








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Pulse’s First Aid Kit

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It’s always a good idea to have a first aid kit.  But beyond bandaids, it can be helpful to have some herbal remedies for acute conditions.  We’ve pulled together a list of few herbs that live in our cupboards and get packed up for camping and trips.

Get your kit today for just $39.  A 10% savings over individual prices.