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At Pulse we promote optimal health and wellness by treating the whole person – body, mind and spirit. Holistic healthcare maximizes the body’s own natural ability to heal by treating the root of the condition to alleviate symptoms and provide long-term freedom from illness. All of our therapies are based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  These practices are powerful tools in treating conditions such as colds, flu, digestive disorders, menstrual issues, PMS, fertility, anxiety, depression, allergies, weight loss, headaches, musculoskeletal pain, chronic degenerative diseases, cancer support and more. Meet our Practitioners, read more about Pulse, or see what Our Clients are Saying About Us.

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Amma Therapy is a specialized form of bodywork that combines energetic, rhythmic massage to the energetic channels with precise pressure to specific acupressure points based on client’s needs and assessment. Where the acupuncturist sets needles on the points the Amma Therapist relies on the strength and sensitivity of their hand to access points. These treatments are energizing while calming and improve balance and health. Amma Therapists are trained in the principles of Holistic Nutrition and the use of Chinese herbs. More about Amma Book your own Amma appointment today!

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Dietary habits are the simplest, most profound change that we can make in taking responsibility for our health. The key is using moderation; there is no ‘perfect’ diet and our nutritional needs shift with the seasons, life stages, and times of illness. By understanding the energetic principles of food and modern food wisdom, the practitioners at Pulse Holistic Health can help carve out a nutritional regime that will help you to optimum health. A daily requirement we must partake in, our relationship to food should be one that nourishes mind, body and soul. Whatever your particular dietary concerns, the practitioners at Pulse Holistic Health can help you ‘balance your diet’. More about Holistic Nutrition Also check out our collection of delicious and healthy Recipes or read articles about Nutrition.

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