Gua Sha

Gua Sha, like fire cupping,  is one of several invaluable adjunct techniques that I utilize in my Amma Therapy practice. Sometimes called ‘frictioning’ or ‘scraping’ the technique appears in nearly every culture and is marvelous for releasing pain and stagnation or helping to boost the immune system.

Once, when walking down to the pool to swim, I realized that people were stopping to stare. There were gasps, questioning and concerned looks. Right. I’d forgotten that I’d had a strong gua sha treatment a day before and the rash was still visible down my neck and back. It left people wondering, except the elderly Asian lady who pointed at my back with recognition and asked if I felt better.  I did, in fact I felt wonderful.  Okay, it looks painful, leaving a bright rash and, honestly, it’s not fantastically comfortable while being administered but the pain release and opening leaves most clients requesting it on their next visit.  Read more.

Fire Cupping

What is fire cupping?

Fire cupping uses glass jars that have an ignited material (I use cotton balls soaked in alcohol) placed briefly inside them to create negative pressure.  The flame is then quickly removed and the jar placed over specific areas of the body creating suction.  This pressure moves the Blood, Qi and fluids of the area raising a petechiae rash–that’s a good thing in this case.  Read more.