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Dietary habits are the simplest, most profound change that we can make in taking responsibility for our health.

At Pulse Holistic Health, our nutritionists use both Eastern traditional perspectives (Chinese medicine) and western nutritional sciences to evaluate and treat our clients.  The goal is to evaluate each client as a whole, rather than just a set of symptoms.  This allows us to treat illness at the root and achieve better long-term results.

Food is the one thing we each use, everyday, multiple times per day.  There is no such thing as one diet that is ‘perfect’ for everyone.  Our nutritional needs shift with the seasons, life stages, and times of illness. By understanding the energetic principles of food and modern food wisdom, the practitioners at Pulse Holistic Health can help carve out a nutritional regime that will help you achieve optimum health and freedom from illness.

What to Expect from a Holistic Nutritionist at Pulse:

  • A comprehensive evaluation will be done on your first visit – this will include a intake of your current concerns & goals, diet and supplements, personal and family health history and other lifestyle information to help us guide you in the right direction.  The Initial consultation is 1 hour and Follow-up visits are 45 minutes.
  • An evaluation will be done of your tongue and pulse – this is a traditional Chinese medicine diagnostic tool that helps the practitioner see and feel any disharmonies in the body.
  • Dietary goals will be set and food recommendations will be made.  Your practitioner will provide these suggestions in writing and may provide you with a sample menu plan of eating guidelines with recipes depending on the issue you are struggling with.
  • Lifestyle and Adjunct Therapy recommendations may be suggested as well.  These recommendations may include types of exercise (Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Walking etc.).  Adjunct therapies such as counseling, meditation, amma bodywork, acupuncture or other providers may also be recommended.

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Appointments for nutrition are available with April Crowell and Tyra Burgess.