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Carla Kyle
Carla KyleAsian Bodywork Therapist
AOBTA Certified Practitioner
Senior Healing Qigong Instructor
Ling Gui Lineage

I am a healer. I experience and understand the human body and its relationship with the cyclic energy of the earth. I provide insight with the practice of Amma as it relates to the body structure and the energy produced, or, not produced. I facilitate a client’s health through their own connection to intuition, their natural gut instinct. No matter the disharmony encountered, the back door in the physical, mental and energetic body is found through the Stomach & Spleen energies, your earth connection.

My focus is to ignite a flame for self-healing. This “Qi-energy flame” can then move throughout the body to fill empty spaces, release stuck stuff in other spaces and invite in “Universal Qi” to ignite your “Shen”. Shen is that energetic, magnetic, bright spirit quality that gives you life focus, self- awareness and consciousness.  This spark is activated with each visit and continues to build upon itself for you to become a more vital, resilient self-healing human being.

A life-long pursuit of understanding the workings of the gut, autoimmune disorders and anxiety related stress brought me to Amma Bodywork and Traditional Chinese Medicine. My personal practices include 10 years of Qigong and Meditation practice, preceded by 20 years of core Holistic Health study, yoga and the raising of three children in Alaska and Idaho. I continue to learn about the body moving towards health from my students, from fellow practitioners and from my clients. I receive information through my connection with every living thing on this planet. I walk, hike in the mountains – why I choose to live in Idaho!, go camping and practice Qigong in the park to absorb the vast energy that nature has to offer.

Carla sees client on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays.  Appointments may be available at other times, connect with Carla directly to find out at 208-484-2872 or email me at

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