There’s a buzzing of excitement in the air and in our bodies.  It’s spring, the season of the wood element and the energy is up and outward in powerful surges. It’s a time of change and growth. Our bodies want to move more, we have more energy within us and we want to ‘Get Up and Go!’

Our bodies feel seasonal changes, when we are in harmony with these shifts we can delight in the blessings of the season–being able to plan, see options, grow and be flexible–our energy is sparked and we have come to life.

In disharmony, we resist the changes and encounter difficulties. During the spring this can result in agitation, angst, restlessness, feelings of being stuck in a situation and the inability to see any solutions. From a Chinese medicine perspective we see a lot of Liver Yang Rising (energy moving up too quickly) causing high pitched ringing in the ears, headaches, bursts of anger and angst.  Wind is also a culprit in the spring and can appear as tearing of the eyes, twitches, allergies, Bell’s palsy, tick and even strokes. If you suffer from some of these patterns the best thing to do is act now to prevent flare-ups.

Here are a few tips.

Clear out the past

The more debris left on the ground (our minds or body) it takes longer for the crocus and other bulbs to push through. Nutritionally this is a good time to do a gentle cleansing or fasting, with raw vegetables and fruit juices. Check with your practitioner to see if this is an option for you. Fasting isn’t for everyone, and can do more harm than good if you aren’t prepared well.

Include a few raw foods

It’s the season for greens, sprouts, salads and fruits, while decreasing heavier foods such as dairy, meats and fats.

Avoid foods that aggravate the Liver

In Chinese Medicine the Liver is responsible for ‘free and easy flow’ of qi and blood. It is easily affected by wind and the spring season. Foods that particularly burden the Liver include fried and processed foods, alcohol, caffeine and other drugs. The sour flavor helps to decongest the Liver and Gallbladder, enjoy a glass of lemon water.


This allows the mind to be open increasing the ability to focus and to make clear decisions.

Move your body

Physical activity will encourage the movement of qi through the body. It is extremely important to add stretching to our exercise routine and gives us flexibility in our bodies and mind.

Spring is a wonderful time to make powerful surges forward with grace and flexibility.

Contributed by April Crowell
Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Instructor and Amma Therapist.