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Middle Eastern Lemonade

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The special ingredient in this refreshing drink is orange flower water (sometimes called orange blossom water). This distilled essence of orange blossom can be purchased in most well-stocked specialty grocery stores. Most orange blossom water comes from the south of France and from the Levant.

For an adult twist, serve with vodka or gin.


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Turmeric Smoothie

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A simple and nourishing smoothie.

 Turmeric Smoothie – A simple nourishing recipe. – hemp or coconut milk, mango or pineapple (frozen), banana, coconut oil, cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, chia seeds, maca, Blend all ingredients and enjoy.

; Recipe contributed by Tyra Burgess; –

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Golden Milk

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Warm and calming, Golden Milk is traditionally drank before going to bed. Black pepper, which contains peperine, is added to the drink to help the body better absorb the curcumin in the turmeric.

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Hot Chai Toddy

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Need an extra level of warmth?  Alcohol’s energetic nature is very hot and creates circulation.  Use with caution though, as it can be too warming.


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Anna’s Chill Chasing Chai Tea

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Anna has made chai for winter and autumn events for years–she just has a magic touch with it.  We managed to tickle it out of her.  Make up a large batch of the chai (leaving out the honey and milk) and store it in your fridge to reheat for daily use or for your next event.  Unlike store bought chai teas, you can control the sweetness here.



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Remember gingersnaps?  Lovely, warming gingersnaps?  Enjoy it in a drink for the holidays with or without alcohol.


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Nut Milks

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Nuts make excellent milk, each one lending its own unique flavor and nutritional benefits.  Make a thicker cream to pour over hot baked fruit or make thinner to add to smoothies or make hot chocolate.