April Crowell
April CrowellDipl. ABT (NCCAOM), AOBTA CI & CP, CHN
AOBTA Certified Instructor & Practitioner
Diplomate, Asian Bodywork Therapy (Dipl. ABT NCCAOM)
Certified Holistic Nutritionist (CHN)

I am a teacher and practitioner of Integral Asian Medicine and Holistic Nutrition with more than 25 years of practice.

What does Integral mean? I fully recognize that self-improvement is fundamental in holistic living and I have continued to expand my knowledge by reaching deeper into Asian medicines, Nutrition and food energetics, herbal modalities, Spiral Dynamics, and States and Stages of Development to broaden my skill set to better serve others.

My original training is in Amma Therapy – a form of Asian Bodywork based on Chinese medicine and descended through the Korean royal lineage. Amma is a powerful and beautiful form of holistic healthcare, and I still take on apprentices to teach Amma Therapy. However, I no longer refer to myself as an Amma Therapist as it only one part of my practice.

I believe I have to meet clients where they are at. The tools I may use to help treat a child – the treatment, point selection and herbal recommendations – would, of course, be vastly different than the treatment and tools that I would choose to work with a client with PTSD, Chronic Fatigue or Lyme’s disease.

My in-person Amma Therapy and Holistic Nutrition practices are maintained at Pulse Holistic Health with other like-minded therapists. I enjoy working with a varied clientele from infants to elderly; from healthy, maintenance minded clients to those with debilitating diseases. I never cease to be amazed by what Amma Therapy, Asian (Chinese) Medicine and Holistic Nutrition can treat–literally everything. Having other practitioners to work with means that we can provide more for our clients, support each other with our own unique skills, and maintain healthy practices on all levels.

I believe in humanity’s infinite potential and our ability to do great good for life on this planet and beyond. I know love and hope to be universal truths. I believe that Asian Medicine and Holistic Healthcare are excellent avenues to help me fulfill my goals. I continue to my own studies to expand my own potential to be able to serve others. I am here to create and enjoy writing, cooking and creating programs and classes to help share my information – I love my work!

Appointments can be booked online through Pulse Holistic Health.
I offer virtual appointments for those not in Idaho. Contact me directly to book those at aprilfcrowell@gmail.com

As my practice has evolved, so has my teaching. I now offer a variety of online classes, online mentorship and take on Amma Therapy apprentices.

Be well!

Visit my website for more information – www.aprilcrowell.com

Pricing and Fees–

Effective May 2019

  • Amma Therapy $85/ session
  • Amma Therapy Package deal – Buy 5 get 1 free for $425 –
  • Nutritional Consultation – in person or virtual $85/session
  • Asian medicine mentoring and teaching $25/hour

My sessions are booked for an hour, actual hands-on therapy may be 45-55 minutes. When booking through Bookeo, it will show my fee at $85, it doesn’t reflect if you are receiving a discount or have purchased a package deal. For those needing a little financial I may be able to offer a sliding scale. Please discuss directly with me to be considered for the sliding scale.

April’s Hours

I have been practicing since 1994. I treat a maximum of 16 clients a week – generally, only treating 4 clients a day, and I book out about 2-3 weeks in advance. Connect directly with me to find out about other times that I may have available or to be placed on my cancellation list. I request that you book either on the hour or half hour so that I keep as many appointments available for self booking as possible.

Therapy schedule update as of May 2019

  • Monday: Clients 9-1
  • Tuesdays: Off
  • Wednesdays: 2-6
  • Thursdays: Clients 2-6
  • Fridays: Clients 9-1

Not In Boise?  I now offer online consultations. At this time, I need to book these appointments directly (online booking in Bookeo isn’t open for them yet)

I may also be in the office at other times for writing, teaching and general office management.  Call Pulse at 208.955.8272 or email me at april@pulseholistichealth.com.   Book online here.

For questions message me directly at aprilfcrowell@gmail.

Thank  you.

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As an AOBTA Certified Instructor I offer programs and classes for both public and professional including a 12-week Asian Medicine & Nutrition For Everyday Living and a 500-Amma Apprenticeship.  Private tutoring services are available for Asian Bodywork Therapist and Holistic Nutrition Students.  Check out my personal site for upcoming online and local classes.  Aprilcrowell.com

April’s Blogs

I like to write, both for enjoyment and to share my knowledge with others. Find more information on Asian medicine, Holistic Nutrition and Amma Therapy on my personal site. Aprilcrowell.com

Amma Therapy

  • Session

Amma -90 min

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Package Deal

  • 6 Sessions

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