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Our Vision
We facilitate holistic health and preventative medicine in the Treasure Valley community.

Our Mission

Through our passion, skill and knowledge the practitioners of Pulse facilitate healing of body, mind and spirit.  We evolve and maintain an environment of wellness centered on trust and education.  We promote healthy fulfilling lifestyles within the community.

We Value

Our clients

Our therapists

Our community

Our planet

Pulse’s logo is based off one of the variations of the Chinese symbol for the pulse. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, pulse taking is one of the most comprehensive diagnostic tools available to the practitioner. Our pulse is a reflection of every aspect of our being and we at Pulse believe in treating the whole person.

Local artist, Ken Hsu, did the beautiful calligraphy for the Pulse logo.  Thank you Ken! And much thanks to Anna & Pesh for the design.

Many people ask us if the services we offer are covered by insurance.  At this time Pulse does not directly bill insurance.  We request payment at the time of service.  Upon request we can give you an invoice with the proper coding to submit to your insurance for reimbursement.
Pulse has been providing holistic health and wellness in our community through Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Amma Therapy, Chinese Herbs, Holistic Nutrition and other holistic modalities for more than a decade.
Boise’s longest running holistic healthcare practice, Pulse is a group of practitioners offering a variety of modalities and skills. Our vision is to help you and your family maintain or improve on health, vitality and wellbeing at any stage in life. In illness, Holistic healthcare modalities focus on maximizing the body’s own natural ability to heal by treating the root of the condition to alleviate symptoms and provide long-term freedom from illness. In wellness, our focus to support and tonify the body, mind and spirit so that disharmonies are less likely to impact the body, or when the do arise, recovery is quicker.

Find out more about Pulse or call us at 208-955-8272