Kelly Rutter
Kelly Rutter AOBTA Certified Practitioner
I am a normal gal who loves life with all its ups and downs.  My children and family are a treasure that comes first and has been the inspiration for finding my path and all of my learning and growth. I have been immersed in a holistic way of thinking and living for most of my adult life. Chinese Medicine has brought my understanding to a whole new level and has given me a stronger foundation. I am naturally a nurturer and creator so when I knew I was also a healer it felt like a natural progression for my life. I have the intense desire to help others in their own healing journey by offering love, light, bodywork, an open ear and advice based on the things I have learned and experienced. I have a love for continued learning all things that bring light and love into my world and desire to share that with you.

“Where there is flow, there is no pain

When there is pain, there is no flow.”

-an old Chinese proverb

I seek to find flow in my own life and help all those willing to find the flow in theirs.

A 1 hour session is $65 and can include:

  • Amma Bodywork Therapy

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine based in 5 element Theory

  • Fire cupping

  • Gua Sha

  • Acutonics

  • Acupressure

  • Herb and nutrition suggestions

  • Guided Imagery



Kelly’s hours at Pulse:

  • Wednesdays 9am-1pm
  • Fridays 9am-1pm
  • Kelly is available at other times by request.

Online booking is currently not open for appointments with Kelly, so please email her at or call 208-337-2828